What is it about needing to be best?

Thursday, 15th November 2018

• THE spat between councillors Angela Mason and Oliver Cooper over the placing of Camden on the secondary school performance tables is not an edifying spectacle. Camden does have a good education service; parents who use it generally appreciate this.

We do not need to be obsessive about where it is placed in respect of other boroughs. Every borough has a different mix of people, living in different socio-economic conditions. Testing pupils is a relatively crude way of evaluating how good an individual school is.

Residents are not concerned whether Camden is the “first”, the “best” or otherwise most excellent borough. We just want a good service, possibly a very good one.

The draft Kentish Town framework, for example, says that the objective of the plans is to help “Camden be the best place in London to do business and work”. Striving to be the “best” in London emphasises the outward appearance at the expense of what is in the interests of people who actually call Camden their home.

Savernake Road, NW3

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