Water bombs are available, let’s have them now

Thursday, 26th July 2018

• THE fires in Greece remind me of two uncomfortable truths: one, this could happen to Hampstead Heath, two that the RAF have almost all of what is required to put out such a fire promptly if tackled early, but lack the last 10 per cent.

Any air force equipped with the Hercules aircraft can acquire, for relatively little cost, a MAFFS2 water-bombing kit and slide it into the belly of the beast. Then they can deliver over 3,000 gallons in five seconds accurately.

I suspect the problem is this is a civil matter. Who foots the bill? The defence secretary should be called upon to get the kit delivered now and worry about the cost later.

Everyone could write to Gavin.Williamson.mp@parliament.uk and ask that he does exactly that right immediately before an entirely avoidable disaster is visited upon us.

If that should happen, we will not forgive. He will spend the rest of his working life selling deck chairs on Brighton beach.

Pandora Road, NW6

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