They stole tools but we want to get back to planting

Thursday, 14th March 2019

• WE are the executive (all volunteers) of the Regent’s Park Gardening Association, who have 28 allotments in the ward, and should like to express our utter disgust at the behaviour of the individuals who broke into our tool shed and stole all our tools.

As most people who live in the area are aware Regent’s Park is one of the poorest wards not only in the borough but in the UK and this crime is not only mean but spiteful and adds to their suffering. Most of our tenants both live and work from the area which is already suffering from the effects of the construction of HS2.

We are already trying to deal with squatters who have occupied our children’s wendy house and play area. We have had reports that the squatters have been in confrontation with plot-holders who have no desire to continue working their plots until this matter is resolved.

However everything is not all gloom; thankfully we have had advice and support from Cllr Heather Johnson, James May, green space project officer at Camden Council and Peter Freeman, grounds maintenance, Camden Council, and hopefully we can get the support of local industries in the area and get back to planting.


General Secretary

Treasurer / Plot Manager
Regent’s Park Gardening Association

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