If bike stands save trees, that’s good

Thursday, 19th July 2018

Bikes_Shaun Wilson

‘Ugly bike stands on the pavements is better than killing trees’

• I AGREE with your correspondent Shaun W that street furniture blighting our pavements, like the bike stands, is unfortunate, (What is the point in these bike stands? July 12).

But much more unfortunate is the alternative, people chaining their bikes to trees. We see it all over London, but the thoughtless cyclists who do this could be contributing to death of trees in our cities.

I’ve seen newly planted trees pulled out of the soil by hasty cyclists tugging at the chain. But even larger trees are vulnerable if the chain tears their bark leaving them prone to disease.

Trees are precious and rarer than are bicycles in our cities: life-giving and shade-providing and too many are being lost by poor council management, laziness and by natural causes.

We don’t need the supposedly green cyclists adding to the number of tree deaths. Moreover our council tax pays for these trees to be planted, and for cutting them down, so we all have an interest in seeing trees flourish.

If having more ugly bike stands on the pavements will stop this, it’s a price we have to pay.

Savernake Road, NW3

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