Camden has committed to campaign for remaining in the EU

Thursday, 11th July 2019

Georgia Gould

Cllr Georgia Gould

• ON Monday Labour councillors led Camden Council in passing a motion committing the council to wholeheartedly backing and campaigning for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union, and to fight against a disastrous “no-deal” Brexit at every opportunity.

Brexit is sucking all of our country’s energy as urgent issues like homelessness, youth safety and rising poverty are neglected by government. And what will we get at the end of it?

Deregulation, job losses, the undermining of workers’ and environmental rights and equalities protections and extreme pressure on our public services.

Brexit is a failed project. The leave campaign promised the country that Brexit could be delivered with no impact on business and trade, no change to the Irish border and more money for the NHS and regions.

Their lies have been exposed. All the Tory leadership candidates offer are more false promises. Rather than protecting our democratic institutions they are now showing contempt for them as they talk about shutting down parliament.

Camden’s values are internationalist and we unashamedly stand up for them. We believe in building an EU-wide movement to take on our shared challenges like the climate crisis, preventing the rise of fascism and extremism, and ending austerity.

At the same time the UK must tackle the inequalities that helped lead to Brexit and invest in our public services and communities. Immigrants and free movement are being scapegoated by a right-wing government as they continue to implement austerity.

In Camden we are proud of the contribution EU citizens make to our borough; we are committed to sending a strong message that they are valued and that we will stand up for their rights and our common right to freedom of movement.

This Labour council will stand shoulder to shoulder with our communities in fighting for a future for Britain as part of the EU.

Leader, Camden Council

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