Why Swiss Cottage library is wrapped up in scaffolding

Solar panels part of the project

Friday, 18th March — By Tom Foot


REFURBISHMENT work at Swiss Cottage Library is under way with new windows, lighting and solar panels.

One hundred and eighty-four solar panels are being fitted in what organisers say will provide 8.5 per cent of the building’s total electricity consumption.

The existing single-glazed aluminium frame windows are being replaced with double glazing, and fluorescent lighting changed to LED.

The windows are popular with residents as they contain more than 100 famous quotations from literature, philosophy and history – which the council has said it will retain.

Christopher Mason, who uses the library and has a book with all the Swiss Cottage quotes written down in it, said: “We will have to keep an eye on them to make sure they do that.”

The £1.5million work is being funded by the council and the public sector decarbonisation scheme which provides grants for energy efficiency measures.

A later phase of the works will see the existing gas heating system replaced with air source heat pumps.

Camden’s environ­ment chief, Councillor Adam Harrison, said: “We are currently implementing a range of energy efficiency improvements at Swiss Cottage Library that will both reduce CO2 emissions and running costs at this iconic building.”

He added: “The new windows will reduce heat loss, whilst also improving the thermal performance of the building, whilst the LED lighting will improve the quality and efficiency of lighting within the library.”

Camden is also plan­ning to put new solar panels on the roof of the Talacre Sports Centre.

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