Who is paying for all the work on our bus-stops?

Friday, 14th January

• WE seem to be on a never-ending round of work around our bus stops.

Kentish Town Road, the bus-stop going north, we have had months of work around the junction with Prince of Wales Road.

No good if you are elderly, incapacitated, are with child or a pram, you just have to walk up to the next stop. Where did all those pretty little temporary bus-stop signs go?

It’s the same at the bottom end of Southampton Row where the northbound bus-stop has been out of action since before Christmas.

Again, you have to walk back to Holborn or on to the other side of Russell Square. Traders told me that it degrades their business.

To top it all I came out of Blackfriars station to catch a bus across the bridge. I was greeted by information that the bridge was being repaired and the bus-stop would not be available until some time in 2024!

Who is paying for all of this?

Hawley Road, NW1

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