What more can I add to that?

OPINION: This awful Arsenal team you’ve read about have moved above Spurs in the league – and Thierry was there to see it

Thursday, 30th September 2021 — By Richard Osley

Arsenal jab 2

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, you don’t need to say anything. You all saw it for yourselves after all.

That thing that happened. What can I add?

You’ve seen the scoreline, the goals and Jermaine Jenas on Match of The Day 2 running through a register of Spurs players’ names and shouting “shocking” after each one.

What more can I contribute?

You’ll have seen how Spurs went from chirping “mind the gap” at the Arsenal and within a month – they are below the Gunners in the table.

This awful Arsenal team you’ve read about, the one that lost to Brentford and you all said hee-hee at… is now above Spurs in the league.

You’ve seen all the tweets from Tottenham fans turning on their own players – and at last the chairman.

It seems to have finally clicked that Daniel Levy, forever labelled “shrewd” and as a hard negotiator, actually burns through a different manager each year without ever considering he might be the problem.

What can I add to what you’ve already seen?

Harry Kane. You’ll have seen him missing a sitter and then the discussion on whether he has been distracted by his failed summer attempt to escape the club.

He used to be a terrifying forward. Now he’s playing sweeper.

You may have seen Sir Keir Starmer delivering his speech at the Labour Party conference this week. Before he’d announced anything, he gave the crowd a switcheroo joke about the result.

All the political bores watching his every word, and all of them learning that the result had been: Arsenal 3, Spurs 1.

What more is there to say?

You probably saw Thierry Henry – wearing a 1993 retro jersey in the crowd. What a Gooner!

No trashy away shirt from the current era, just the cool top that Arsenal won the league cup in and then dropped Steve Morrow on the floor in. It’s a beauty.

You will have seen Saka and Smith Rowe. Bossing the north London derby, and homegrown talents too.

So young, so talented – let’s hope they stick around for years to come.

What could I add to what you have already witnessed?

You will have seen all this and then…. the table.

Oh, only tenth.

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