The No 24 bus route is not being scrapped

Thursday, 23rd June

• THE Number 24 bus route is not being scrapped.

Alex Sufit’s emotive letter in the CNJ saying the 24 bus must be “saved” from “Tory cuts” was once again an example of Labour wagging the finger at national politics rather than presenting well-researched information on local issues, (Fighting for the No 24, June 16).

I appreciate Alex Sufit’s concerns. Many of us rely on the 24 bus and it would be shocking if it were to be discontinued. This bus is used by the elderly, less able-bodied, and the mums and dads who regularly travel with children and buggies.

The letter went on to say that the 24 is a lifeline for both patients and staff at the Royal Free and the connection between the Royal Free and UCLH hospitals is in danger of being severed.

This information is factually incorrect. There is no danger of the lifeline being severed. We were contacted by many residents understandably concerned.

But the facts are that changes to Transport for London bus services are on the table and under the proposed changes the 24 bus may be renamed 88. Nevertheless the bus route remains largely unchanged.

As for any other changes that are being proposed, this is more likely from mismanagement of TfL’s finances. Under Sadiq Khan TfL has reached record levels of debt, while he has increased his PR spending by 50 per cent to over £1million a year. Is that really a necessity?

Your Hampstead Conservative team will keep a watchful eye and campaign to ensure Hampstead retains a direct 24-hour connection to Victoria, one of London’s main railway and bus stations.

If elected next month, I promise to do the research and bring facts, not fake news, on local issues.

Conservative Candidate
Hampstead Town ward By-election

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