Fighting for the No 24

Thursday, 16th June

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Alex Sufit: ‘Please sign the Camden Labour petition on

• A BIG thank you to the 1,000 residents living in Hampstead, and beyond, who have already signed Labour’s petition to save the 24 bus route from being scrapped.

And thank you to all of the businesses across South End Green who have thrown their support behind our campaign.

I promise to continue campaigning to save this much-loved and popular route. The 24 bus is essential for so many people. It’s a lifeline for NHS staff, patients, their friends and family, as well as local residents.

It connects two major London hospitals: the Royal Free and UCLH. And it provides access to anyone using a wheelchair or travelling with a buggy.

It’s clear what people in Hampstead think. So Boris Johnson’s Conservatives must drop the latest round of budget cuts being inflicted upon our bus services. These cuts are hitting Hampstead hard.

If elected next month at the Hampstead Town by-election, I will continue the fight to save the No 24 from Camden Town Hall.

In the meantime please do sign the Camden Labour petition on

Labour Party Candidate Hampstead Town ward

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