The economic situation is toxic for millions across the country

Thursday, 13th January

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is presiding over a cost of living crisis 

• THE average family is set to be £1,200 worse off as a cost of living crisis looms.

Energy price cap rises, the increase in National Insurance and rising inflation are all about to set in and it’ll be those who are the worse off who’ll feel the financial hit the hardest.

As wages fall in real terms, this is looking to create a toxic situation for millions across the country and those who are struggling to make ends meet in Camden.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner was right to raise the rising cost of living at Prime Minister’s Questions on January 5 and it’s clear that Boris Johnson doesn’t have the solutions to address it.

Johnson is presiding over a cost of living crisis that’s going to hit millions across the country.

I was really pleased to see that Camden’s Labour council is showing local leadership to help those who are struggling the most when the prime minister seems like he can’t handle the problem.

Camden’s council tax reduction scheme is one of the most generous in London with 23,000 households getting help with their council tax.

It’s during times like these, that policies like this could make all the difference for a family that’s just about keeping their head above water as energy costs, price rises, and inflation increases hit.


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