Sir Keir has taken the Labour Party backwards

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

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Sir Keir Starmer 

• WE’D all like to be a few years younger, but the latest Sir Keir Starmer / Labour Party attempts to turn the clock back to 2015 defy all belief or rationality.

As CNJ readers we’ve had a grandstand seat of Sir Keir’s journey over recent years. He supported Jeremy Corbyn as leader, then took part in the 2016 “chicken coup”, then he supported Corbyn again following the failure of the coup and the defeat of the challenger Owen Smith.

He supported Remain, then he supported Brexit, then he supported People’s Vote, personally ensuring it was Labour Party policy in the 2019 general election, and then, as soon as he became leader, he supported Brexit again in the form of Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement.

Corbyn was his friend, and a good person, shamefully wronged by the media; now he brags about not having spoken to Corbyn for a year.

Now with the appointment to the shadow cabinet of proudly unreconstructed Blairites, we’ve come full circle.

Yvette Cooper, who has just joined Sir Keir’s shadow cabinet, was one of the favourites for the Labour leader position in 2015 but eventually finished a poor third on 17 per cent of the votes, such was her popularity with Labour members.

Sir Keir became leader of a party with more than £10million in the bank, with more than 600,000 members, and policies that were very popular with the public.

All these are now distant memories as the party nears bankruptcy, membership has fallen sharply, and there are no policies apart from supporting the government.

Even without the Covid-19 pandemic, this country would be facing serious challenges and it’s clear that the Conservative government of Johnson has no answers or solutions.

What is really sad is the way Sir Keir has taken the Labour Party backwards, and redefined them as a carbon copy of the Tories.

Under Corbyn the Labour Party inspired millions and gave them hope for a better future. Under Sir Keir all that energy, enthusiasm and hope has been extinguished.

History tells us that you can’t go back to the past. It also tells us that you can’t stop the future.


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