Overnight tube work may mean disruption for estate

Thursday, 21st April — By Ellie Crabbe

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View west along the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines from Finchley Road tube station [Matt Buck]

A COUNCIL estate is facing five months of sleepless nights after tube bosses announced a programme of works.

The Metropolitan line renewal between Finchley Road and West Hampstead will go on until 5am seven days a week until September 30. Letters have been sent out to residents in Broadhurst Gardens who fear the noise will cause huge disruption.

One resident, Alessandra Ester, said: “The work is inconsiderate of the residents and very disruptive. My son has severe autism and bipolar, so he really needs his rest. It can be difficult for him to get to sleep as it is, so these overnight works are awful.”

She added: “The level of noise is hard to explain. It is not just the volume but the inconsistency. “If it was a continuous noise, you might be able to ignore it, but sudden loud noises alongside the workers laughing and joking makes it very hard to sleep.”

Judith Osborne, 59, who has lived in Broadfield for 20 years, said: “I work nights now so it doesn’t affect me as much, but when I had a day job these works would be disruptive. “You just have to accept it, but it does affect you. “Personally, though, I would rather have safe trains than completely undisturbed nights.”

Staff facilities and site access will be on Finchley Road. In its letter to residents, TfL said: “These works are part of our ongoing modernisation programme and will make the track more reliable, thereby improving the service.

“You may notice increased works-related activity in and around Finchley Road. Although some noise and increased traffic in the area is unavoidable during the works, we will do our best to limit any disturbance.”

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