Milestone day for Belsize Village

Thursday, 20th August 2020

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Belsize Village

• AUGUST 19 is a milestone day for Belsize Village.

The Belsize Village Business Association and the Living Wage Foundation meets to formally commence Belsize Village’s journey to becoming a Living Wage Place.

The village’s successful revitalisation efforts are, in fact, an outgrowth of the Living Wage movement.

When we tried to sign new village businesses up for the Living Wage in 2018, businesses said they could not afford it. So we decided in October 2018 to revitalise the village ourselves in the hopes that someday they could.

Our summer streatery started on July 4 is itself a Living Wage event with event staff paid at least the London Living Wage, (‘Streatery’ up and running in Belsize village, but is it like Parisian dining?, July 10).

Our inclusive approach is comprehensive and is evidence that our revitalisation efforts are more powerful when society works together.

In the run-up to the streatery five consultations with residents were carried out, all of which showed overwhelming support. Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats at Camden Council support our event.

Our event staff have been greatly aided by four resident volunteers: Angela Feldman, Fabio Fiorelli, Richard Lagani, and Jane Lyons.

The streatery has coincided with our “Clean Belsize Village” programme, which has eliminated many of our community’s historic waste blights, which means even people not dining at the streatery can enjoy a much cleaner community which is good for mental wellbeing and attracts visitors.

One local told us the village is now the cleanest she has ever seen it in 30 years.

Nearly two years later, the village is beyond revitalised: it is both cleaner and more economically vibrant than it has ever been in the modern era.

We have demonstrated that if you aim to respect human dignity and promote the common good, the products are love, life and beauty.

Co co-ordinators
Belsize Village Business Association

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