Lonely In London: If this edition helps one person, somewhere

Special edition of the Camden New Journal

Friday, 5th August — By Richard Osley


This week’s CNJ

WHEN you look into the pubs of Camden Town and find them humming with the sound of people sharing the gossip and a few jokes, it might be easy to think that everybody has somebody to clink a glass with.

The sad reality is that despite this clearly being a community that cares for its neighbours – we saw proof of that during the Covid pandemic – there are still too many people in our borough who do not feel invited to the party.

When we delivered food during the coronavirus lockdown, there were elderly residents who reported having felt cut off from it all even before the crisis, stuck in a chair and missing lost loved ones. Their minds are still whirring with memories but with nobody to share them with.

The pandemic and ongoing nervousness has not helped at all.

But social isolation can affect people of all ages. There are young students and people who may seem happy to their colleagues in their workplaces during the day, but – particularly in a city where things can be so expensive – feel alone at night..

The council has identified the problem and is working to reduce this isolation.

But it’s not just down to what happens at the Town Hall. What can we all do to help?

In our special Lonely In London edition this week, we investigate the scale of the problem, but also profile some of the people and groups trying to change things and who maybe able to help people reading our paper this week.

If this edition helps one person, somewhere, it will have been worth the work invested, but we’d love it if sparked an ongoing conversation and helped even more readers know that in this borough, they are not alone.


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