Let’s see incentives to put a bit of greenery back in the borough

Friday, 7th January

• ANNE Boston’s sad description of the day when Camden’s designated tree henchman put to the axe most of a much loved and once beautiful, heavily-berried rowan, (Trees travesty, December 30), prompted me to search for information about Camden’s promised autumn 2021 update to its 2011-21 Biodiversity Action Plan.

I was unsuccessful. Maybe it’s still caught up in the process of “being updated”, even though the period of public consultation ended already in May 2021?

Meanwhile my regular glances at Camden’s local planning permission logs show far too many plans to build extensions of extensions and additional office or “spare bedroom” buildings in what might still remain of Camden’s ever-shrinking supply of once-green garden spaces.

While those wealthy enough to own their own property are increasingly demanding to build almost right up to adjacent boundary walls, with little or no regard for their impact on the last vestiges of neighbourhood wildlife, never mind how neighbouring humans might feel about being overlooked, illuminated and noise-impacted by their new buildings.

What is going on here with respect to enhancing biodiversity in the borough?

My wishes for 2022?

• That this might be the year when Camden Council decides to step up to the mark regarding the environmental and climate emergency that so starkly confronts our children and grandchildren.

• That Camden will take definitive action to ensure that those wealthy enough to have the luxury of a home with attached land space, now start to do their bit towards providing some desperately needed green mitigation to help reduce the current biodiversity and climate crisis, rather than hugely exacerbating the problem with new piles of concrete and bricks.

• How about a moratorium on any further planning permissions to pave over or build on front or back gardens and yards, supplemented with strong positive incentives that encourage people to put a bit of greenery back into some of Camden’s currently concrete-slabbed back yards and driveways?

Footnote: Imagine there’s no concrete – it’s easy if you try
Replace the soil and hedges; see birds and insects in the sky!
You may say I’m a dreamer…?
(With thanks to the late John Winston Lennon, RIP.)


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