Labour diversion on the buses

Thursday, 23rd June

Alex Sufit_Save the 24 bus 1

Labour Party Candidate Alex Sufit

• I WAS amused to find, among the (very justified) page of letters in the June 16 CNJ opposing yet more cuts to local bus services, one promoting a petition by “Camden Labour” (with repeated references to the Labour Party).

Or perhaps “amused” is too kind a word, given that every road layout change around here in recent years has made life more difficult for bus users – road changes instigated, of course, by Camden’s Labour regime.

Given the increasingly Pyongyang-style Labour Party we have in Camden these days, I hereby challenge Alex Sufit – the letter writer who says she would, if elected a councillor, oppose the latest bus cuts – to be equally forthright over denouncing the hindrances to bus use already imposed and still being imposed by her own party colleagues.

Little Russell Street, WC1

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