It’s cool and ‘Great British' to show consideration for each other

Friday, 14th January

• I WAS recently approached by a concerned resident who tried in vain to get a sign clearly marking his disabled parking space.

For more than six months Camden Council failed to comply with his request, with devastating consequences.

Time and again his vital parking space was taken over by unauthorised cars.

Our neighbour’s life was further affected as a result. The final consequence was an accident in which the neighbour concerned was almost inevitably involved.

Society has a responsibility to be there for those who need help and support to continue to participate in life, and this can affect any of us.

As in this case, Camden does not always meet this responsibility well enough and we need to change that.

Fortunately I was able to help and, with the support of Councillor Gio Spinella, organise the disabled sign within a few weeks.

Society embraces each and every one of us, something we unfortunately seem to forget more and more often.

When I moved to the United Kingdom, more than a decade ago, I was particularly impressed by the mutual consideration.

It was, for me, one of the greatest features of Britishness. Let’s remember that it doesn’t hurt to look more carefully where we park, to give way without being asked on public transport, or to give someone priority at the check-out in the supermarket.

It’s cool and “Great British” to show consideration for each other.


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