If they say people are not recycling, I will know why

Thursday, 25th November 2021

• WHEN our recycling was collected this week one of our two large brown food caddies disappeared. I expect it was left on another property or thrown across the road, since our recycling boxes and their lids were strewn everywhere.

I telephoned Veolia to ask for another one, emphasising a large brown food caddy. What I received was a small green one, which is barely enough for my food recycling let alone two flats’ worth (we had two caddies for four flats).

Upon phoning Veolia again, I was told they don’t have any large brown caddies at the moment, so the warehouse sent a substitute. If we wanted another one, they suggested, phone again in two weeks to see if they’ve got them.

Why wasn’t I told that there were none in stock? Why does the warehouse send something we haven’t asked for? And why should I have to phone them again? Most of us lead busy lives and do not have time for this.

When I stated my objections, the Veolia call centre agent told me to “put it in the rubbish then”. The next time the council complains that people don’t recycle enough, I’ll know why.


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