Bus changes would have an impact on schools

Thursday, 30th June

24 bus in Pimlico

The 24 bus is set to be replaced by the 88

• WHILE it might seem like a good solution to Alex Andrews (Letters, June 23) that the 88 becomes the new 24 so everything is fine, no one seems to have given any thought to the consequences of rerouting the 88 so it no longer goes to Parliament Hill Fields.

This bus serves three secondary schools all located very near Parliament Hill Fields bus stop. During school pick up and drop of times there are already long queues for buses on this route.

Withdrawing it would mean a single decker 214 is all that was available. Parents will be forced to take their children to and from school leading to increased congestion and pollution in an already congested area.

This move goes totally against local authority and London Assembly goals to reduce congestion and tackle carbon emissions as well as government calls to tackle climate change. It will also result in more hardship for parents who will have to ferry their children to and from school

Highgate Road, NW5

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