‘Bikejackers’ target cyclist near King's Cross

The Met are investigating but no arrests have been mad

Thursday, 10th February — By Isabelle Stanley

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A still from Nicky Hill’s footage

THIEVES ambushed a cyclist while he was pedalling through King’s Cross, attempting to knock him over and steal his bike.

Nicky Hill was cycling calmly to work along his usual route last week when a man ran towards him with his arms out.

The man then tried to push him off his bike but, luckily, Mr Hill managed to swerve and get away.

In a Facebook post uploaded with a video of the attack, Mr Hill said: “So just a little heads-up for people. This happened today while travelling through King’s Cross area in London.

“I saw a guy running at me from the side so I was prepared.

“There was actually two of them as I saw after.

“Clearly going to try and steal the bike, luckily I got away!”

He added: “But just a warning or reminder that we are a target. Please be vigilant.

“He actually did push me but didn’t topple me so I carried on going.”

The incident occurred near Regent Square, on the route linking Marchmont Street to Gray’s Inn Road and is popular with cyclists.

Mr Hill was riding a Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon, an electric bike which retails at over £5,000.

In the comments on his post, Mr Hill said he suspects the thieves had been watching him for a while.

He said: “I will go a different route from now as this was part of my daily commute.

“Possibly been watching me come past and was ready.”

Similar incidents have occurred across the country this past year, with armed robberies of cyclists in Richmond Park a few months ago and cyclists being mugged for their bikes in Birmingham while out riding.

Mr Hill has passed the video to the police.

The Met are investigating but no arrests have been made. It declined to say whether there had been any other bike jackings.

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