Why Online Slots Are So Popular With UK players in 2020

Tuesday, 3rd November 2020

Though online slots have always been popular with UK punters, 2020 is the year they’re blowing up!

According to the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, the gambling yield in the UK is expected to hit £14.3 billion this year. A look at this reveals a decrease of only 0.5% from what was achieved in the previous year, and that’s to say that the sector has maintained almost the same value.

However, when you compare these figures with what’s available in the online gambling segment, you’ll see that the online casinos are on a huge rise. The worth of remote betting is £2.1bn, which is 4.3% growth, whereas remote casinos have witnessed a gross yield of £3.2bn.

This signals about a 4.3% rise. The clear thing is that while the sector is fluctuating, digital gambling keeps advancing, and this rise is largely down to the surge in popularity with online slots and the casino bonuses that UK punters can snap up from new online casinos to use on these slots.

What’s Made These Online Slots Blow Up WIth UK Players?

New Player Bonuses

As we stated above, the big allure for many players seems to be the promotions offered by these casinos. When you take a very good look at any casino review and comparison site, you’ll come to terms with a lineup of bonuses that are available to users. Because of these bonuses, people are attracted towards one more pull of the virtual lever. The prize pots are very considerable, and the casino bonuses help reduce the risk of burning through all of your own money.

Another thing is that if you fail to win, there are still leverages like the free spins, pulls, or bets, depending on the offer you decided to go with. For the existing customers that may feel like they’re missing out on the advantages that the new player bonuses bring, they don’t need to feel bad – they’re also covered by the loyalty schemes, so they will always receive some bucks and incentives for sticking with the casino.

Because of the numerous free spins that are on offer and the fact that you get the chance to make money through them, it can often be worth working through the often huge wagering requirements. After all, your initial winnings may be turned into a big amount!

Hugely Convenient

You can access the online slots from wherever you are in the world, unlike physical casinos. The only thing you need to achieve this is a mobile device and an internet connection, and a big win can be within your reach. You can’t possibly give up the convenience for the allure of walking into a brick and mortar casino and feeling the buzz and vibe of the crowd.

Meanwhile, the online casinos are making conscious efforts to bring the real-life experience that makes the brick and mortar casinos unique to the online casinos. They have succeeded in making it possible for players to be able to mingle like they’re sitting side by side with each other by slot machines or on poker tables through Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

They design them to give authentic sights and sounds from real-life Vegas casino environments. When you blend this with the fact that you’re getting it very easily and conveniently in the comfort of your home, you see why many people prefer online slots. Here, the comfort of playing what you want is another unique attribute, as there are hardly any restrictions. So, it’s all about enjoyment.


The Variety

The lack of variety is another character of the physical casinos that can turn UK players off. Yes, you find poker tables, roulette wheels, slot machines and all that in the physical casinos. But one thing is that they almost all feel the same, with little to differentiate between them. Because of this, the consumer experience is not as exciting and memorable as it should be because there isn’t enough variety between games.

You can simply sit at home and enjoy games while relaxing on your couch without the stress of travelling to another location and paying any expenses that are involved with actually getting to the casino. You can have the games ready by just opening an app or signing into your online account – no hassle or fuss. When you feel bored, you can sample an absolutely staggering array of slot variations or even switch to another game entirely.


The Security

These days, there are a lot of data leaks in different places. Whenever you try to read the news, you get the feeling that your data has been siphoned and mismanaged by big businesses. You feeling secure as a player is absolutely critical to the success of online casinos, so any online casinos treat this with the utmost respect – that’s why your information is always properly guarded.

When you play slots online, you‘ll realize that any doubts you had about security are addressed and playing has become as safe as doing your weekly online shop. But if you still have any doubts, you can easily fish out the online casinos where your data is not properly secured – any good casino review site will show you which ones have been blacklisted. So, most of the time when you enjoy online slots, you will have nothing to lose, instead, it’s all gains.



Online casinos and slots – as well as other popular games – have seen positive growth for some time now. But their best year has been 2020, and that’s partly because of the level of accessibility, variety, security and convenience they offer. When you blend the four mentioned characters of online slot gaming in the UK, you land winning combinations that accounts for up to 20% of the whole sector.


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