Why Mackeson Road is pretty in pink every March

Neighbour was inspired by trip to Japan

Monday, 28th March — By Harry Taylor

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Neighbours Frances, Kiki Kendrick, Cathy Bronstein, Jenny, Muriel and Emily

FOR many the arrival of spring means the blossoming of trees, and it was never more so the case than in Gospel Oak this week.

Pandora cherry blossom trees planted in Mackeson Road 15 years ago after a campaign by resident Cathy Bronstein were in full flower again, covering the road in petals and stopping passers-by in their tracks for that all-important Instagram photo.

When she moved into the area about 20 years ago, Dr Bronstein gathered signatures from neighbours to put to Camden asking them to plant trees. The Town Hall agreed and now they brighten up the street at the start of spring every year.

Mr and Mrs T

Dr Bronstein, a keen gardener, said: “We had just come back from Japan and we had seen all the cherry trees and I thought it would be great to have a couple here.

“I’m always very pleased to see people stopping and appreciating them, it makes it all worth it. I think it’s really good idea but I am also very grateful and pleased that Camden made them possible.”

Neighbour Kiki Kendrick said her two 82-year-old tortoises, Mr and Mrs T, wake up every year when the blossom comes out.

“It’s nature in sync,” she said. “When the blossom comes out and the tortoises come of hibernation, I know spring’s here.”

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