Why do Brits fancy themselves as baristas?

Sunday, 10th May 2015

BUYING hot drinks from stylish high street establishments has become an integral part of the day to day lives of millions of Brits. Where once we were quite content with a strong hot cuppa enjoyed in the comfort of our own homes, today we have become far more partial to a freshly-brewed coffee, sipped while we’re out and about. However, as our thirst for a flat white or frothy cappuccino increases by the day, our pennies decrease as the cost of our habit comes at a high price. So more and more of us are instead investing in slick kitchen gadgets so we can become our own barista and invite our friends and family over to show off our skills. For those of us who fancy themselves as a bit of a barista, here are just a few of the gorgeous gadgets created to help highlight your hot drink-making skills.

Perfect gadgets

IF money is no object and creating the perfect coffee yourself  is of vital importance, you may want to look into the Jura IMPRESSA J9 One Touch TFT Automatic coffee machine which will set you back almost £2,000. It is an interactive dream for anyone who is rather particular about their hot drinks as it comes with a guide on ways you can customise your beverage. With just the touch of a button your coffee is ground, milk is heated and frothed to create the perfect cappuccino. 

For a sleek and elegant touch to your kitchen at a fraction of the price of the aforementioned there is the TASSIMO CHARMY for £139. This compact system can quickly provide you with coffee, tea or hot chocolate all produced via an advanced water filtration system. You don’t have to wait for your hot drink to arrive as the machine is ready to go as soon as it’s turned on.

Stovetop gadget

HOWEVER, for those whose kitchens can’t spare the counter space for a coffee machine there is always the stovetop moka pot; a favourite in almost every Italian kitchen. This handy little gadget does not need plugging in, can happily live on your stovetop and can produce an authentic espresso in minutes. The aluminium pot, which comes in a variety of sizes, just requires ground coffee and water and is perfect for those who do not need frothy milk with their coffee.

Coffee beans

AS our thirst for coffee increases so does our knowledge of coffee beans, with many of us having a preference for certain brands of coffee. A recent report highlighted the most expensive coffee in Britain was the Kopi Luwak coffee costing an eye watering £70. If that isn’t enough to shock you then you may be interested to know that it’s made from the droppings of the Indonesian Jungle Cat which lives on coffee cherries.

Of course such an expensive coffee deserves to be served in an expensive cup, and this set of six mugs with serving platter , handmade from recycled copper, will set you back £238.

With so many gadgets on the market, varying in all different prices, there really is no excuse for drinking take-away coffee, when you can make one for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home.

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