Why are Starbucks so afraid of competition?

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

• HAMMERING the tiniest competitor they could possibly have outside of a cafetiere just shows the nastiness of such state-less entities who exist only to make money (Starbucks vs Star Box, March 16).

In 2012 it emerged that Starbucks had paid very little tax in the UK since arriving here in 1998 despite sales of £3billion.

The set-up was branded immoral by MPs and the company eventually offered to pay the British tax authorities more, but arguably a fraction of what they should have paid.
But this shows how these stateless entities play games with our national governments, playing one country off against another.

For this reason alone, Brexit will leave Britain blowing in the wind, powerless in a world of these power-mad, state-less entities with no loyalty to anything except more money.

The company’s website says it benchmarks salaries “to ensure our pay and benefits stay competitive”, which is ambiguous at best, but they do allow workers to take a bag of beans home each week, just in case they are so addicted that their hands would start shaking by Monday morning, I presume!

As for the coffee kiosk, Nasser Kamali had good reasons to call it the Red-Star Box, which might have been less of a worry for Starbucks. But it makes me wonder why they are so afraid of competition?

Eton Avenue, NW3

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