Who’s ‘late to the party’ with waste and the climate?

Thursday, 3rd February

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‘It is Cllr Olszewski who is ‘late to the party”

• MARTIN Plaut’s letter justifying Camden Council’s failure to increase recycling rates was depressing, (The recycling problem is tough, January 27).

Recycling need not be such an intractable problem, but the council is stuck with a poorly-funded, out-dated model that does not work. If it can’t work any better, as claimed, we need new ideas and a new system.

The council should take the money currently allocated for the new Edmonton incinerator and use it to create new recycling and reprocessing facilities so that most of our waste is repurposed. This is the future, if we are to have one.

Cllr Richard Olszewski was reported as telling Green councillors that they were “late to the party”, (Labour finance chief offers enthusiastic backing for new Edmonton waste incinerator, January 27).

It is Cllr Olszewski who is “late to the party”. He doesn’t seem to have noticed that Camden declared a climate and ecological emergency two years ago, and that this fact requires that the council review decisions taken five years ago.

It is to be hoped that voters in May’s local elections take note and vote for candidates who will stand up for our future.

Malden Road, NW5

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