What Europe has done for us – not so good

Friday, 19th July 2019


• IN reply to Camden Council leader Georgia Gould’s July 11 letter (Camden has committed to campaign for remaining in the EU), maybe she hasn’t heard yet that the referendum result to leave the European Union three years ago was to do just that, leave.

It’s the delaying tactics that are causing the mess. Brexit has not been tried yet so how can she say it has failed?

A bit presumptuous of her to say otherwise. Perhaps she doesn’t believe in democracy and would like to see that result overturned because she didn’t agree with what the majority of people in the United Kingdom wanted.

Bet she would not be calling for another general election if her party won! Maybe being locked in her little fiefdom of Camden has narrowed her view of the country.

How did Britain get along before it joined the EU? (not the current EU model of a power-crazed cartel of appointed officials answerable to no one) I am old enough to remember back then and it seemed to get along OK, in fact, better than OK.

Regarding being an inter­nationalist, well fine so am I, but you have to have something “national” to be “inter” about.

It strikes me that Cllr Gould is desiring and aspiring to be part of that globalist élite where national boundaries are dissolved in the interests of multinational corporations (Google, Facebook) one of which is based in Pancras Square near the council’s HQ. Coincidence?

Again I have to defer to the sentiments of the late Tony Benn who had practical experience of dealing with the EU in Brussels and he was not at all impressed by its sense of democracy.

Tony Benn – Britain must leave the EU to restore democracy. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQY2CHx4d3U&t=2s

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