What does interest the police these days?

Thursday, 30th June

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Angler Harry Prosser with a fish

• THE disappointing performance of the police in not alerting nocturnal Hampstead Heath anglers of a spike in robberies is all too common these days and seems to be part of a deliberate process of lowering the public’s expectations, (Angler has fishing gear stolen during knifepoint mugging on Heath, June 23).

After all, ordinary members of the public would no longer expect police to be bothered about bike or phone thefts these days. A couple of burglary victim friends told me police interest in them was absolutely minimal.

Different if you’re a celebrity, of course, or a high-ranking politician. Very thorough, they are, in those cases, if equally ineffective. That pizza Sir Keir Starmer ate in Durham, for example. What a tough case that’s been to crack. Margherita or spicy American?


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