Westminster Residents Panel is the necessary ‘open forum’ on social housing

Friday, 10th February 2017

• FURTHER to the letter from H Bourne (We need an open forum to discuss social housing, February 3), Westminster City Council and CityWest Homes claim that Westminster Residents Panel, the “open forum”, was disbanded.

However WRP, the people’s only independent voice on all forms of housing say otherwise.

Scarcely a week passes without letters and reports in the West End Extra of the council’s and CityWest’s failings, plus those of other housing providers; surely endorsing a specific need for a democratic non-partisan panel.

WRP held its first committee meeting since its AGM and welcomed two new members to its committee .

WRP is the only “cross domain” residents group in Westminster, and includes CityWest tenants plus leaseholders, housing association tenants, registered social landlords tenants, and private sector tenants in its membership and committee.

WRP is democratic in its operations; an example, the chair is a housing association tenant, the vice-chairs are one a CityWest tenant and the other a tenant of a registered social landlord.

By coincidence the chair and vice-chairs also come from the north, centre, and south of the borough.

It is of independent mind and action; its officers being nominated and elected from the membership, without the “cherry picking” of selected citizens, which other groups seem to adopt.

WRP welcomes the return of existing members and encourages, without limitation, new members.

Since the enforced redundancy of WRP’s administrator and withdrawal of all funds and facilities by the council and CityWest, we are seeking new venues to meet, plus seeking fresh resources so as to best continue our endeavours.

In the meanwhile, please text 07716 243557 or phone 020 7289 7611 for further information.

Alternatively go to Westminster Residents Panel on facebook .

Spokesman WRP

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