We’re focused on making Islington cleaner, greener, and safer

Friday, 26th November 2021

• ISLINGTON Council is focused on making our borough a cleaner, greener, safer place for local people.

We’re creating people-friendly streets neighbourhoods to help make that ambitious target a reality. Throughout the implementation of the schemes, we’ve been clear that we’ve been listening to feedback.

This has included making changes where people have told us they are necessary, such as announcing our intention to introduce Blue Badge holder exemptions and stopping the cut-through in the Packington Estate.

Our feedback surveys have received 5,473 responses so far across the seven neighbour-hoods.

We’ve also hosted a public consultation on the St Peter’s neighbourhood, which received 1,491 responses, and have launched consultations in Canonbury East and Clerkenwell Green to hear people’s views.

The results of these consultations, which are planned for all schemes in the people-friendly streets programme, will help decide if each neighbourhood should be made permanent, changed, or removed.

Independently-assessed monitoring data have shown increases in people cycling and walking, reduced levels of speeding and a reduction in traffic across most of the people-friendly streets neighbourhoods.

As a council we know we need to take action to make our roads safer.

In 2018 some 852 people were injured on Islington’s roads, including 141 seriously or fatally. That’s an average of 2.3 people injured on our roads every day.

Moreover, transport contributes to 40 per cent of carbon emissions in Islington and shifting to sustainable travel modes is a very important part of tackling the climate emergency.

It’s vital we take action to make our streets safer and healthier, we believe people-friendly streets are the way to do that.

Executive Member for Environment & Transport

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