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COMMENT: We have built up a bond of trust with the readers that we do not take for granted in this digital age

Thursday, 24th March

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FROM humble beginnings, the New Journal has grown to become more than just a source of Camden news.

Not just a safe space for debate, each week our pages help bring people together and make sense of the world going on around them.

From our office in the heart of Camden Town, we have built up a bond of trust with the readers that we do not take for granted in this digital age.

Online forums, like NextDoor, do not operate with the same checks and balances as we do. Posts are not subject to the same journalistic rigour, or measured by basic guidelines, libel laws and sub judice constraints.

There will be few if any people who regularly post on Twitter or Facebook who feel a strong connection or solidarity with the staff of the companies who seek to profit from them.

Most local papers have been stretched to a breaking point and staffed by junior reporters who are quickly transformed into editors without any intervening period whatsoever.

It is hard to imagine many other local papers, certainly in London, sending a reporter out to the Ukraine border with a van load of supplies.

But then again other local papers do not have a Dan Carrier. Dan, who delivered the New Journal when he was a boy, is the sort of person who can’t sit still when other people are in need.

It was the same through the pandemic, when he delivered thousands of meals in the CNJ aid van to Camden families struggling to make ends meet.

He is just one of many caring staff –­ from reception, accounts, production, advertising, to the sub-editors and reporters and of course the all-important distribution team. They’ve worked together here for decades.

We may be a small independent newspaper but there is a big collective, almost familial spirit running throughout the company. It shows on the pages each week.

The donations and outpouring of support for the CNJ aid van is tangible proof of the basic human nature of the readership.

We know that most people, most of the time, want to help. But often they are unsure how to do so.

If people want to get involved in causes, we have always aimed to provide the means and support for them to do so.

We hope we can continue for as long as possible in this vein. That’s why we’re are making a one-off appeal for donations this week.

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