We work to ensure no child gets left behind in education

Thursday, 1st November 2018

• CONSERVATIVE councillors are coming out in their true colours. Special pleading for private schools who apparently need the incentive of rate relief to do something for the community, but bad-mouthing for our Camden family of schools.

No congratulations to schools like a Torriano primary and Kentish Town who have just received wonderful Ofsted reports or indeed our strong Key Stage 2 results where we are among London leaders.

No letters or meetings demanding more money for our cash-strapped schools. No protest at introducing a narrow, exam-dominated, curriculum which is unsuited to many pupils, or at the “pin” money offered to schools in the budget.

Comparisons with Barnet are also strange. Looking at London’s child poverty profile Camden is 26th out of 32 boroughs and Barnet is 11th. Chipping Barnet is a world away from Somers Town.

In fact “attainment” in Camden secondary schools has been consistently above the national average and the percentage of students achieving a strong pass in English and maths is 47, broadly in line with London and also well above the national average Progress 8 scores are also above the national average.

Disadvantaged students in Camden again narrowed the gap at Key Stage 4, achieving above London and national averages.

It has been a long time since local authorities controlled state schools, but in Camden Learning we have a unique alliance of all our schools, including some academies, who want to work together and with the council to ensure that no child gets left behind and that our schools provide an education that allows every child to fulfil their true potential.

Cabinet member for Best Start in Life

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