We will keep campaigning to give people the best possible support in difficult times

Thursday, 22nd June 2017

Georgia Gould

Cllr Georgia Gould

• SUPPORTING our older and disabled citizens to get the help they need is one of the most important things we do as a council.

We are doing this when over £5billion has been cut from these services nationally. Around the country, councils are joining together to demand more resource from government.

We have more people who need our services but less money to support them. We have therefore spent the last year speaking to our residents about how we reduce a £10million gap in adult social care finances.

We have used the powers we have to increase council tax to support services for older and disabled citizens and I spent six months speaking to Camden carers and service users.

I firmly believe that our proposals are much improved because of every person who contributed.

It was a carer who first alerted me to the fact that direct payments didn’t cover the cost of the living wage and we have therefore increased all our direct payments to make sure our disabled residents can afford the very best support.

Many told us that the proposal to introduce a flat rate to transport charges would stop people using them so we scrapped that proposal.

There has been a lot of concern around proposals to move Netherwood day centre services and fears about loss of dementia support and about the building being sold.

Camden will invest in state-of-the-art dementia facilities at Kingsgate which is 200 yards down the road. And I have given a firm commitment to keep the Netherwood building in community use.

I know that all the cuts and changes we have been forced to go ahead with are deeply difficult and I would like to thank everyone who has shared their experience with me.

Our new cabinet member Richard Olszewski and I will keep campaigning with other London councils to make sure your voices are heard and working with you to give people the best possible support in difficult times.

Leader of Camden Council

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