We need real action from Camden on a biodiversity plan

Thursday, 22nd April 2021

• CAMDEN Council wants our views on its draft biodiversity strategy – the deadline for responses is May 14.

Climate Emergency Camden is disappointed.

The council promises to make a biodiversity plan and a nature recovery network, but there are no firm actions or dates, and there hasn’t been a biodiversity audit since 2012.

There are several proposed actions for voluntary groups, but almost nothing for the council itself.

What are the main threats to our wild birds, animals, butterflies, bees and all the other wildlife? Our own list of culprits includes several of the council’s own activities:

• spraying pesticides in our streets;

• pollarding our street trees too frequently;

• allowing HS2 to destroy St James Gardens, clear rail-side scrub, and fell hundreds of trees;

• allowing developers to build on its own valuable green space (as at Brill Place, Euston) and on private land (as beside the Ladies’ Pond).

Roughly 20 per cent of Camden is covered by residents’ gardens. The strategy doesn’t mention the vital role Camden residents and council estates can play by making gardens where wildlife can thrive.

The things birds, hedgehogs and insects need are not that difficult to provide: trees, wildflowers and hedges and places of refuge like heaps of twigs and leaves. Camden should work with its own residents to keep and nurture the wildlife we are losing.

Until the council stops its own destructive practices, we will be unimpressed by the crocodile tears it weeps over biodiversity.

To have your say, go to: https://camdenbiodiversitystrategy.commonplace.is/overview


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