We can all be so proud of our achievements

Friday, 13th May

• NOW that the election is over, I would like to wish a massive thank you to the 1,527 people who voted for me in Highgate and to everyone across the borough who put their faith in Camden Labour.

I would also like to thank our activists, organisers, and campaigners across Camden and the country without whom we would not have kept our two Highgate seats. We can all be so proud of our achievements.

While I am disappointed to not be joining my friends and colleagues in the council chamber I am humbled that so many residents across Highgate put their faith in me to deliver on residents’ priorities.

I know that in Cllr Anna Wright and Cllr Camron Aref-Adib, residents have elected two fierce advocates and campaigners who will fight their corner and deliver for Highgate.

Under Georgia Gould’s inspirational leadership we have continued to show what a compassionate Labour Party can do in power and how, even at a local level, we can put our values into practice.

Despite not being elected this time, I will continue to fight for these values which everyone in Camden Labour holds.

I look forward to continuing to work with our incredible team on our priorities of social justice, climate justice, and mitigating the impact of the Tory cost of living crisis on our poorest residents.

We are all so grateful that people have chosen to put their faith, once again, in the Labour Party.

In a few years, citizens across the UK will also have a choice, a choice between Boris Johnson’s chaotic mismanagement, or a compassionate Labour government focused on people’s priorities.

I am excited to make that case for a Labour government and work with those who share our values going forward.

Labour Candidate for Highgate

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