We are striving to make Camden a dementia-friendly borough

Thursday, 7th June 2018

• AS council cabinet member for tackling health inequality and promoting independence, I was disappointed to read the letter from Jane Clinton and Sally Platt that implied we have “lost our way” in how we support Camden residents living with dementia and their families, (Failure on dementia, May 31).

I feel that this is a misrepresentation of the work that is being carried out in Camden by the council, our partners, and fellow members of the Camden Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), who are working together to support those living with dementia and their families, and striving to make Camden a dementia-friendly borough.

As Camden magazine readers, I hope Jane and Sally enjoyed the piece on the Camden DAA in the April edition of the magazine. And this month they will be able to read all about the reopening of the Kingsgate Day Centre.

Kingsgate was codesigned with those who use our day services and their families, and its refurbishment followed the dementia-friendly design principles developed by the department of health, creating a safe space for those living with dementia.

The official opening event in May was attended by many of our residents who attend Kingsgate and their families, the atmosphere was a happy one, with everyone settling in to the newly refurbished centre and benefiting from the new facilities.

I would invite Sally Platt and Jane Clinton to come along to Kingsgate to see it for themselves, or to get in touch with some of the 40-plus organisations across Camden who are members of the DAA to find out how we continue to support our residents living with dementia and their families.

Cabinet Member for Tackling Health Inequality & Promoting Independence

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