WATCH: Rory Stewart ‘chased out of Hampstead Heath' for breaking filming rules

'He's been to Afghanistan, he's dealt with warlords and drug barons - and he's going to be chased out of Hampstead Heath now'

Sunday, 16th June 2019 — By Richard Osley

Rory Stewart and David Baddiel

Rory Stewart and David Baddiel in Hampstead 


CONSERVATIVE leadership hopeful Rory Stewart’s online strategy of walking around and live streaming film of him talking to people about his campaign when he was chased away from Hampstead Heath for apparently breaking filming rules.

The International Development Secretary had bumped into comedian David Baddiel, who lives nearby, and was being questioned about whether there really was any chance of stopping bookmakers’ favourite Boris Johnson from moving into Downing Street following Theresa May’s resignation.

As they chatted yesterday (Saturday), broadcasting live to social media, viewers watched as a man ran after them and shouted to stop filming as it contravened the rules. Mr Baddiel assured the man, said to be from the City of London which manages the Heath, that they were on their way out of the grounds.

Mr Stewart said it was unclear whether live-streaming from a phone – this is why the footage is not premium quality and the noise from wind breaks up the audio – really needed permission from the City of London. Mr Baddiel said: “That’s true, I’ve taken photos and videos on Hampstead Heath and put them on Twitter,” joking later that because Mr Stewart was “quite a posh bloke” he would be able to find a way to resolve any legal action.

The man from the City of London came back and again said filming had to stop.

Rory Stewart meets people partying on Hampstead Heath

Mr Baddiel said: “He’s been to Afghanistan, he’s dealt with warlords and drug barons – and he’s going to be chased out of Hampstead Heath now”, before telling the politician: “I think it’s good for your public profile, because it adds to the whole maverick thing.”

On its website, the City of London says only ‘personal’ use photography and filming without prior permission.

It said: “We welcome requests for filming and photoshoots, though please note that our management of the Heath aims to retain and enhance its habitats and natural resources. This to enable continued quiet enjoyment by visitors. As such, requests for permission to film will only be considered where it can be demonstrated that there will be no long-term damage to the landscape fabric of the Heath and where disruption to local communities is minimised.”



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