Viva Hampstead, viva Queen Elizabeth II

Thursday, 9th June

• IT’S been a memorable and highly enjoyable Platinum Jubilee celebrations weekend.

Who made it so? The wonderful resident groups and volunteers who worked so hard to make them a success.

And they surely were; from the tempting array of cakes and food on offer to the entertainment and activities taking place; and, for me, the best of all, creating spaces for children to play freely in the street without fear of traffic. All to celebrate a momentous 70 years of the beloved Queen’s reign.

The amount of work needed to draw volunteers together who give willingly of their time, skills,
and enthusiasm, is mind-boggling.

But this is Hampstead. Whether it was a big or smaller party residents combined their dynamic energy to get things done.

Many local traders and businesses also sponsored the events and helped fundraise for charities. Also thanks go to all the Camden Council staff who worked behind the scenes to support the events.

In all very loud cheers, and enormous congratulations, to the organisers, the army of volunteers, and workers.

Viva Hampstead, viva Queen Elizabeth II.

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Hampstead Town ward

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