Unite Community Camden Branch backs Tulip Siddiq

Thursday, 18th May 2017

MP Tulip Siddiq

Support to Tulip Siddiq

• ON May 10 I was at a very well attended meeting of Unite Community Camden Branch. The only item on the agenda was the general election.

It was decided that we give every possible support to Tulip Siddiq and do all within our power to prevent a return of the current Conservative government.

We believe it knowingly advocates policies on the NHS which amount to the murder of innocent civilians, closing 6,000 beds, shutting countless A&Es, restricting NHS staff pay (in effect imposing wage cuts), and resulting in a catastrophe for the NHS. It must be stopped.

Tulip has proved time and again that she will buck the system. She has no problem ignoring the party whip when she regards it necessary, and will usually speak out when she believes it justified.

This is why I am delighted that she is strongly criticising Camden Council for its despicable attacks upon the Netherwood day centre resource and the ridiculous waste disposal scheme, along with attacks upon facilities for special needs resources (Charlie Ratchford Shoot-Up Hill etc). And the so-called transport charge, in effect an attack upon the needy.

Tulip fully supports the removal of all anti-union laws (particularly important to us in Unite of course). Ridding us of these appalling laws will greatly assist workers to fight unscrupulous employers.

Naturally Tulip will be supporting the manifesto, the most radical seen for many a long year. I also expect her to make very clear the absolute necessity to Camden that they must follow the manifesto on council housing. Plans must be prioritised immediately when Labour take power on June 9.

Tulip, as did Glenda Jackson, fully supports Republic, the organisation dedicated to removing the monarchy. Other issues I am confident Tulip will be extremely active on are:

• The abolition of the Work Capability Assessment by private contractors.
• The end to benefits sanctions.
• Ending the continuous reassessment of people with disabilities as they remain on Personal Independence Payment.
• Axing the 2016 Housing and Planning Act.
• Halting the ongoing privatisation of NHS services.
• Improving investment in education and schools.
• Providing fully-funded adult social care.
• Ending the pay freeze for public sector workers.
• Ending the “bedroom tax”.
• Ending the new restrictions on Housing Benefit which will affect thousands of people living in sheltered accommodation.
• Abolishing tuition fees.
• Protecting the triple lock on pensions.

Unite Community Camden is fully supporting Tulip, and I urge all others to help safeguard our country from the party of death, greed and destruction.

Unite Community Camden Branch
(in a personal capacity)

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