UKIP target anti-Brexit Tulip Siddiq by… not standing a candidate against her

Party choose Giles Game to stand in Holborn and St Pancras

Friday, 12th May 2017 — By Richard Osley

Magnus Nielsen

Magnus Nielsen stood for Ukip in Hampstead and Kilburn in 2010 and 2015

UKIP will not contest the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency at next month’s general election with the party unwilling to risk watering down the vote against  anti-Brexit Labour candidate Tulip Siddiq.

Paul Nuttall’s party, rocking from a series of local election defeats across the country last week, has fielded a candidate in the Hampstead area at every general election since 1997, and at the last two national polls received more votes than Labour’s winning majority.

Magnus Nielsen, who stood for Ukip at the last two elections but is understood to no longer be a member, had 1,532 votes in 2015.

But Hampstead and Kilburn is now among more than 200 constituencies which will have no Ukip candidate, largely on the grounds that the party does not want to dilute the victory prospects of candidates and MP who are openly committed to ensuring Britain’s divorce from Europe is not derailed in any way.

Ms Siddiq is seen as a particular target for Brexiteers after rebelling against Labour whips and voting against the triggering of Article 50 in parliament earlier this year.

Her majority stands at 1,138 and the constituency is a top-ranked targets for the Conservatives, whose candidate Claire-Louise Leyland vote to Remain in the European Union but is now backing Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations.

Ukip will field a challenger in the Labour stronghold constituency of Holborn and St Pancras with Giles Game wearing the candidate’s rosette.

He will be pitched against a former Ukip member, Janus Polenceus, who runs for the English Democrats: Putting England First party.  Maxine Spencer, the Ukip candidate in 2015, had tweeted earlier in the campaign that she would not be repeating the experience as she had left the party. She tweeted last night that she was backing Mr Poleceues.

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