This ‘revitalisation’ of the village business is a load of rubbish

Thursday, 18th March

• I HAVE to agree with Charles Nathan (Belsize village is not a business, March 11). At least someone has been public spirited enough to speak the truth.

We have lived here for over 40 years and never known of such rows and conflicts this needless streatery idea has stirred up among local people.

Were there any need for yet another restaurant space, bang in the centre of the village, I’d have understood.

The fact there is no need, really makes me angry about the waste of money and resources squandered on this farcical idea.

I’m all for al fresco eating, in its place. Taking into consideration the established restaurants have tables and chairs outside their premises anyway, what is the sense in occupying the entire village with even more?

Last year, while walking into Belsize Terrace from the Avenue, I couldn’t even pass along the pavement for tables and chairs illegally obstructing the public walkway. This is ludicrous. You cannot have both.

I agree, all this “revitalisation” of the village business is a load of rubbish. Since when did wealthy Belsize ever fall on hard times?

And speaking of rubbish, this is not a waste tip, neither is it the job of some self-appointed “officials” to take over the daily collections. Clear the mess and take the streatery with it!

Belsize Avenue, NW3

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