‘They are squashing scrutiny of council,' warns sole Green councilor

Sian Berry believes she has been kept off key committees

Thursday, 26th May — By Richard Osley

camden Image 2022-05-30 at 9.58.35 AM (24)

Sian Berry at last night’s meeting

CAMDEN’S only Green councillor warned the Labour powerhouse at the Town Hall is “squashing scrutiny” after she was not invited to sit on committees that will be looking at some of the biggest issues in her party’s manifesto.

Sian Berry said voters had elected her on pledges that meant holding Camden to account on issues like resources and housing – and that she has been a careful scrutiniser of Camden’s Community Investment Programme.

The Labour group, however, only offered her places looking at education and health; subjects that had a much lower concentration among the Greens’ election promises.

She said: “On education, I think by and large Camden is doing a good job on schools. The scrutiny is needed on the big committees where I could work but they are squashing it. They know where my interests lie and are stopping me from being on them.”

Cllr Berry added that Greens had historically been invited to join the resources committee.

“My time will now be better spent working with the community and by other means to hold the council to account,” she said.

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