There is money, it’s just a question of how and where Camden want to spend it

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

• I READ with utter disbelief how Camden Council squandered £2.5million of our money at a time when we are being told finances are so tight the vital services are to be cut (Town Hall’s £2.5m bungle kept secret, July 27).

I now see that the council has a very different attitude to what matters in a community.

It is a disgrace that for the past seven months while I and fellow campaigners were trying to save Netherwood, Camden’s only specialist dementia centre from closure, the mantra was: “There is no money, it has to close.”

It appears now the council was being far from honest. There is money, it’s just about how and where it wants to spend it.

When we look at the paltry sum closing Netherwood would save – £150,000 – it makes me sick that we, as campaigners, have been led a merry dance with the council’s duplicitous and underhand behaviour.

A moratorium on all closures and cuts to vital services should be set in place until this flagrant abuse of public money is fully investigated.

Friends of Netherwood

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