There is a real need for electoral changes

Thursday, 30th June

• ONCE again, Martin Plaut has missed the point about proportional representation, (Main parties are already coalitions, June 23).

Of course people’s main concerns are about the cost of living, housing and education. But the sorry state we are in is a result of 12 years of Tory government, for whom the majority of people in this country did not vote.

If we are to get rid of them, once and for all, other parties must work together and we must ensure that in future elections all voices are represented.

I am not necessarily arguing for coalitions; but I do strongly advocate co-operation between parties on important issues such as climate change, housing and education.

Nor do I see many positives in what Martin Plaut describes as the current coalitions within the Tory party and the Labour Party.

In the Tory party it has led to the drowning out of moderate voices and domination by the small clique of right wingers.

In the Labour Party we are no longer allowed to debate issues if the management disagree with the topic; dissent is rewarded with expulsion.

As for seeking a specific proposal for debate, I understood that Camden Council, and nationally, politicians were keen on establishing citizens’ assemblies to discuss and debate important issues.

Constitutional change is about as important as it gets, so I would not seek to impose a system but to commit to a change and then ensure a full, informed, consultation after the next election.

I was delighted that my union, UNISON, has recently joined others in supporting this position. Let’s hope that we can get a commitment to PR from the Labour Party at this year’s conference; then there will be a least one policy for the public to support.

Fordwych Road, NW2

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