The work we have pursued in Swiss Cottage must go on

Friday, 13th May


Residents still need support to challenge Deliveroo’s planning appeal

• WE are thankful to the Swiss Cottage residents who put their trust in us during the last four years. We wanted to say thank you one last time.

We believe that we have paved the way for a Labour win in the area after working hard to represent our community.

We understand that the new Labour councillors have benefited from a general trend against the current Conservative government, the new ward boundaries, but also from the previous work done with representatives of the community, local organisations and residents.

We entrust the new councillors for South Hampstead to continue the programme that we have pursued in Swiss Cottage.

One – Promote participative mechanisms to take decisions in the ward. This includes listening to and engaging with residents to fight against large developers (Essential Living, Landsec) and big businesses (Deliveroo) who have not shown enough care for residents in the area.

Residents still need support to challenge Deliveroo’s planning appeal and to strengthen the high number of objections to the current proposals for the O2 Centre development.

Two – Protect and promote our conservation area: our trees, green spaces, and green infrastructure; in general, holding Veolia to account, and establishing a safe and healthy streets initiative in the ward.

Members of CRASH, the Combined Residents’ Associations of South Hampstead, have proposed to improve tree protection and prevent pavement development in front gardens. The South Hampstead Flooding Action Group and its strategy should also be a priority in the area.

Three – Commit to a social agenda which includes supporting the social organisations in the ward, such as the Winch, Swiss Cottage Community Centre, the Hive, Likewise, Doorstep, the tenants’ and residents’ association in the Hilgrove estate and Sidney Boyd Court and others, who keep our social fabric alive.

Swiss Cottage Labour councillors until May 5 2022

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