The village has never looked better

Thursday, 18th March 2021

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The Belsize Village ‘streatery’

• IN response to the letter (Belsize is not a business, March 11), I would like to point out first Belsize Village is not a business and doesn’t claim to be one but…

Belsize Village has many businesses. And for us residents in Belsize Park many of them are vital in our day-to-day life.

We have a wonderful array of shops greengrocers fishmongers, supermarket, chemist, cleaners, launderette, coffee shop, and restaurants. They all have been a godsend particularly during last year.

I have lived in Belsize Village for nearly 40 years and have seen many changes over the years and the one that has taken place over the last year has been the best and the most helpful and productive to the whole community.

At last someone has done something about the daily eyesore that greeted us every day with the mound of rubbish piled up in the space that is now occupied by the lovely planters we have around the square.

The village has never looked better or cleaner. The streatery has undoubtedly helped to keep our much-loved restaurants going and many people working and earning a living.

Many of us are definitely looking forward to sunny days and lovely evenings of fun and great meals sitting around tables with friends and family.

I must stress that there is now plenty of space in the square to be enjoyed by all adults and children alike. I have observed last summer how, while parents were enjoying meals al fresco, the children happily played around the square.

Nothing like the mean picture Charles Nathan, saying that, “It is not up to this community to bail out the restaurants…”

I say… yes it is. And anyone with such a selfish view of our community doesn’t represent us.

Belsize Lane, NW3

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