The success of Belsize Village revitalisation is shared by everyone

Thursday, 8th April 2021

• THE beauty we have achieved in Belsize Village is something that should be universally celebrated.

Although formally initiated and operated by the Belsize Village Business Association, which we lead, the successful revitalisation of Belsize Village has been a cross-society effort: from Camden Council, local business and civil society.

Where we had business closures we now have talent and jobs. Where we had filth we have cleanliness. Where we had desertion we have life. Where we had isolation we have community.

During this Easter season it is fitting we reach out directly to the group, albeit small, who continue to use unkind tactics against the BVBA’s group of volunteers.

Although we strongly disagree with your tactics, we invite you to join us in celebrating life in our beautified community.

Some of the opposition have revealed to us the true reasons for their reservations: that some of our revitalisation projects – specifically our eurobins aimed at stopping fox induced rubbish leakages (for which they have been successful) – will harm property prices.

This could not be further from the truth. A clean and vibrant community will not just attract business and customers but will attract new residents which will support property prices.

The old rubbish-filled Belsize Terrace and business closures were not conducive to healthy property prices.

Not many high streets have been able to stave off impending death once they began to wither. In Belsize Village we have. This is a success that is shared by everyone.

The BVBA was established primarily to promote the Living Wage movement. Therefore our intentions in promoting economic wellbeing are not tied purely to business interests, but an inherent commitment to the common good. We are a business community of nearly all independent, family-run works of art.

The BVBA’s good works are therefore not the product of “big business” special interest but the products of the love of our work and the love we have for our community. We hope, after this dark pandemic, our love will be contagious.

Belsize Village Business Association

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