The star in stripes! London Zoo's new tiger cub starts exploring

Little one has 'definitely found his voice'

Friday, 4th February — By Geoffrey Sawyer

london zoo tiger cub feb 2022 Image 2022-01-31 at 11.13.23 (8)

The new arrival has been called ‘Loki’ [All photos: ZSL London Zoo]

LONDON Zoo’s new tiger cub has been named Loki after an online vote of members.

The seven-week-old critically endangered Sumatran tiger has been confirmed as male.

He was pictured this week exploring the zoo’s Tiger Territory and can now been seen by visitors to the attraction near Regent’s Park.

ZSL London Zoo’s Kathryn Sanders said: “He’s definitely found his voice and is squealing constantly for attention – whether he wants a feed, a snuggle or a good lick wash from his attentive parents.”

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