The route number 24 should be retained

Thursday, 30th June

24 bus

A proposal for TfL

• A LOT of unnecessary heat and fury has been generated over proposed changes to routes 24 and 88 from Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill Fields respectively, mainly caused by sensational and misleading press and political coverage alleging “axing” the 24 when the route itself will remain unchanged as far as Whitehall, Parliament Square, (‘Absolutely shocking’: Transport for London announce plans to cut bus routes, June 1).

As the only section of the route altered is that beyond Westminster, the obvious solution is to retain the route number 24 (which has historical and emotional connections from long ago) and divert it as planned to follow the existing 88 route to Clapham. I have written to Transport for London to put forward this obvious solution and I hope they adopt it.

My concern is that for many elderly people, disabled, et cetera, particularly those who need to get to the various hospitals en route, of which much has been made. If they are not aware of the change to route number 88 instead, they may well continue waiting for a 24 to come along.

It would be far better to leave the route number alone and divert after Parliament Square as planned. This would keep all the north London passengers happy and TfL could claim that they have listened to their views without causing major upset to their plans.

There must be very few passengers who want to travel from north London to Pimlico although there may be some who want to go to Victoria who would have to change.

The only loss would be route 88 which is proposed to be replaced with a 205 from Parliament Hill Fields, supplemented by the 214 from Highgate village.

My major concern is the proposal to axe route 31 which forms a vital cross-north London link between Camden Town and the west London area and would involve a change of buses at Swiss Cottage to the diverted 113.

The 31 is already well used and loaded and I see no justification for altering this which would inconvenience a great many people; and the road layout and stops at Swiss Cottage are not the most convenient or understood, especially for strangers.

Thurlow Road, NW3

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