The historic Hardy Tree WILL fall

It's just a matter of time, say experts, after storm damage

Friday, 1st July — By Tom Foot


Logs taken from the tree [Simon Lamrock]

THE landmark Hardy Tree is expected to fall at any point, the council has warned, after being weakened by a heavy storm.

The tree in St Pancras Gardens is famous for the gravestones that piled up at its roots by architect’s assistant Thomas Hardy, better known as the author of novels like Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

The tree in St Pancras Gardens [Simon Lamrock]

The crown was reduced by six metres on June 13 so “when it falls it will land within a fenced off area”, a Town Hall spokesperson said.

“We are looking at ways to commemorate this tree, and its story, when it does eventually fall. The council recognises the importance of the veteran Hardy Tree, both for our local communities and nationally, which is why we’ve taken measures over the last eight years to manage this stage of its lifecycle, keeping it safe for visitors.

“Unfortunately following the storms earlier this year, the tree has moved and there is an increased risk that it will fall, and as a precaution we reduced the crown to ensure there were no risks to the those visiting the churchyard.”

Trophy hunters have taking logs of its sawn down branches while two piles have been left for St Pancras Old Church to carve and to use as a new “habitat” for bugs.

The New Journal reported in 2014 how the Hardy Tree was under threat after being infected by a parasitic fungus, leading to a fence being installed around it.

Mr Hardy had worked on the original railway into St Pancras.

Like HS2 has done in Euston in modern times, it bulldozed through a cemetery and Hardy ordered some of the uprooted gravestones to be placed around the base of an ash tree.

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